Each morning I have a few minutes while I “wait for the Dough.”  Usually I’m running around the Shop getting things ready for Open, or lately outside shoveling/salting/cursing the snow off our sidewalks.  Today I decided to take this time to post a thought.  

We Love what we do here and a huge part of that is our Signature Crust.  So much goes into it that my wife, our resident Yoga Instructor, tells me that the Dough IS my Yoga.  That being said I can tell you that if I come to work in a bad mood…the Dough seems harder to work with.  If I try to “rush” the process…the Dough pushes back.  When things work BEST…is when I work with the Dough patiently.  When I do that, everything goes better and the results are the best.  It’s something that applies well to the rest of my day too.  Hmmm…perhaps the Wifey is right?  Dough is MY Yoga.

Until Sooner….